Skin Care Fulfillment Service

Private Label Skin offers in-house reduced cost fulfillment services for our customers. This fulfillment service allows us to be the only private label supplier in the industry offering a true turnkey solution.


Skin Care Fulfillment Solutions

Thinking of using our manufacturing services, but still need to select a Fulfillment Partner? Our in house fulfillment service, Hashtag Fulfillment, offers direct to consumer shipments for online retailers. We provide 24 hour turnaround for all shipments domestic and international. Our capacity exceeds 10,000+ daily shipments.

The key to success in e-commerce is consistently providing a superior customer experience from the first contact through delivery into the customer’s hands. Private Label Skin, Inc. (PLS) delivers e-commerce orders in 1-2 days at cost-saving ground rates.

With PLS as your partner, you can fulfill your e-commerce orders accurately and profitably, providing a superior customer experience. PLS powers free shipping, and free returns for some of the most recognized brands in e-commerce.

Our Fulfillment Services include:

  • Multi-Channel Order Management
  • High-Velocity (24 hour) Pick, Pack and Ship
  • Domestic and International Shipping
  • Electronic shipping confirmation
  • Inventory management assistance
  • Reverse Logistics/Returns Management
  • Real-Time Reporting

Upgraded Delivery Packaging

Retaining customers is the most important thing for your business and we understand that. This is why we recently launched the option to upgrade your delivery packaging. With our printed shipper boxes and bubble mailers, your customers will be wowed right from the moment they open their delivery. 

Upgraded delivery packaging can lead to:

  • Increased customer retention
  • Unique customer experience
  • Increased perceived value of products

For more information about how upgraded packaging can benefit your business, we have an in-depth post you can check out here.

If you are a current PLS customer, you can contact your Account Manager to setup new delivery packaging today.

If you are interested in starting a private label skin care campaign, contact us today for a quote or more information.