Skin Lotion Manufacturers

As the industry's source for leading skin lotion manufacturers, our drive is to provide you with high–quality products that meet your customers' demands paired with comprehensive on-demand services designed to save you time and money while also getting products to market faster!


Let Us Take Your Concept And Design A Superior Product!

Private Label Skin is the leading source for your skin lotion manufacturing needs. Offering a 98% natural Skin Lotion basing system as standard through our NaturaBase brand, while also boasting custom development capabilities your products will rise to the top with Private Label Skin. 

Why Trust PLS With Your Skin Lotion Manufacturing Needs?

  • A truly reliable skin care manufacturing partner…

We have been working in manufacturing for many years, and our skin care manufacturing operations have been built on the belief that manufacturers can be reliable. We have stringently conducted capacity planning operations to ensure one thing, we complete every shipment on time.

  • Our entire company is built on quality Customer Service...

Our manufacturing timeline reliability has made the development of a high level customer service department a breeze. Our customer service reps, or sales support as we call them are well trained in every part of our operations, and have the ability to quickly and accurately bring you information, as well as provide individual requests quickly and easily to the correct department.

  • Our Scalability is built from our experiences…

We understand that from time to time your sales exceed your inventory planning. Private Label Skin has built the most comprehensive short term, and long term scalability planning guide for our customers. Contact us to find out how Private Label Skin has built a proactive skin care manufacturer planning solution.