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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a quick guide to helping you understand what we do, and answers to questions we are often asked. 

Contract Manufacturing

What is your minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order quantity is 1000 units for NaturaBase Custom Manufacturing & 2500 units for custom developed formulations.

What is your average turn time for manufactured product?

Manufactured products take between 3 - 6 weeks to complete. 


Private Labeling

Do you have products in stock?

Yes - we have millions of dollars of in stock inventory available for private label.

What is your minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order quantity is 100 units for Private Label runs.

What is your average turn time for private labeled product?

Manufactured products take between 3 - 5 days to complete. 


Label Design & Printing

Which format does my artwork need to be in?

PDF & AI are the best formats. If your fonts are "outlined" just supply any unusual font styles to save time on edits.

Can you design my labels? 

Yes we can design your labels. We have approved outsourced designs, and stock labels designs as well. 

Can you help make change to my existing labels? 

Yes - we offer label revision assistance at no additional charge.

Do you offer label printing?

Yes - we provide label printing with all manufacturing, and private label orders. 

What about Product Boxes? 

Yes - we can design, and print your products boxes as well. 


Formulation Development

What kind of products do you guys make?

We manufacture liquids, oils, creams, serums, lotions, ointments, and skin care bases.

Can you guys create a custom formula for me?

Yes - we can create a custom formula.

I dont know what I want in my product, can you help me with this?

Yes - we can help select an ingredient list based on what you want your product to do. 

Can you guys mimic an existing formula? 

Yes - we can mimic an existing formula. 


Production & Shipping

Can I arrange my own freight or pick up my product?


Do you provide drop shipping?

Yes - we can drop ship for you to wherever you need your products to go.

Do you ship internationally? 

Yes - we can ship globally.

Can you provide direct to consumer fulfillment? 

Yes - we have an in house fulfillment service available for any of our customers. 

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