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Cosmetic Manufacturers

Private Label Skin is working to change your expectations in a cosmetic manufacturer. We are industry leading service providers in the cosmetic manufacturing space, and we have developed a system to increase visibility, and reliability for all of our customers.

Demand Market Share With Powerful Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic Companies rely on our formulation, and ingredient knowledge, paired with their unique branding to gain market share over their competitors. Private Label Skin will be your preferred cosmetic manufacturer for products that meet these needs, including:

…packaged in the best looking containers in the market place.

Why Choose Private Label Skin Over Other Cosmetic Manufacturers?

  • We Provide Solutions That No Other Cosmetic Manufacturer Does...

Find out why Private Label Skin has bursted onto the scene as the Premier solution for skin care manufacturing. Our services have been developed, and perfected as the foundational infrastructure for our customers needs. This allows our customers to go to market faster, and with less potential for operational issues than their competitors.
  • Our Scalability is built from our experiences…

We understand that from time to time your sales exceed your inventory planning. Private Label Skin has built the most comprehensive short term, and long term scalability planning guide for our customers. Contact us to find out how Private Label Skin has built a proactive cosmetic manufacturer planning solution.

  • Work with the worlds first turn key cosmetic manufacturer...

We offer in house packaging & label design, cosmetic manufacturing, private label stock options, order fulfillment, and even pay as you go products & fulfillment options. These services are all part of our plan to offer truly turn key, reliable, and scalable solutions.

Additional Benefits

  • Label & Packaging Design
  • Marketing Material Design
  • 24 Hour Shipping Available
  • 100 Unit Minimum Order Quantities

Let’s Get Started!

Working with PLS has never been easier! Click the link to get started working with the industries leading Private Label Skin Care Manufacturer. Ball's in your court, what are you going to do?