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Skin Care

Private Label Skin is the best there is in contract manufacturing skin care products. Since our launch we have consistently outperformed the market, the competition, and your expectations.



Contract Manufacturing for Business Owners

At PLS, we have the experience of years of working with business on their contract manufacturing needs and have crafted our service around those needs. We offer ample options for any type of business and requirements, from large-run contract manufacturing to smaller-run situations. Whatever your market or campaign requires, we can help and make sure the ROI of your campaigns stays high. 

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Our consultants are highly knowledgeable and can answer any question you might have. You can also reference our Frequently Asked Questions section for any questions you may have. Contact us today for more information. 



R&D Planning

Planning your project with Private Label Skin includes the set up of your formulations, packaging selections, projected sales volumes, scale up planning, sales locations, and fulfillment partner selection.

As long as you know the category of market you would like to go after, and your anticipated volumes our sales team can help guide you through the necessary steps to complete a functional formulation for your market.

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Working with Private Label Skin as a contract manufacturing skin care solution is as easy as it gets. Once we have the R&D planning phase complete with your team, WE do the rest. We are the top Skincare Manufacturer in the space and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver quality products quickly.

Turn time is short and easy. We stock thousands of unique active ingredients. Raw ingredients are either in stock or less than a week away. Packaging supply is in our warehouse, we have invested millions of dollars into packaging inventory to maintain consistent supply, and keep costs low. You will not be able to find our level of service with any other cosmetic manufacturer in the space, hands down.

Value add, value add, value add that's what we do….


Packaging Selection, Packaging Design, Labeling & Product Box Design, and Efficiency in filling are what we do for you. Our Stock Packaging options are selected to provide balance between form & function, while maintaining focus on cost of goods, and manufacturing efficiency. 

When it comes to skin care products its the packaging that sells the products, and formulation that keeps them coming back. With Private Label Skin we provide you with the right formulation, and packaging options in a time sensitive environment. 


Running a successful skin care line? Ready to upgrade your image? Private Label Skin has strategized, monetized, and simplified. When utilizing our in house fulfillment option you can focus 100% of your time on selling your products.

Either way you have to speak to your product supplier. Simplify that process by eliminating the other guy shipping your products. Talk to the source, save money, save time, improve your bottom line.

Additional benefits you will enjoy when fulfilling with us.

  • Software Integration No Charge
  • Lowest cost pick rates, postage rates, and fulfillment order turn time
  • Full supply of unlabeled inventory at our fulfillment center available for unexpected inventory issues. 

Other Private Label Skin Care Options

If you are interested in any of our other private label skin care services, don't hesitate to call us or request a quote. 

We pride ourselves on being a Skincare Manufacturing Company that offers a variety of options for business owners looking to get into the skin care industry: