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Private Label Skin Changes Your Expectations

Below is a video showing you a little bit about 'Us". We have changed the way companies think about their Private Label Suppliers, and this is a quick snap shot of how we do what we do. Enjoy!! 

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Private Label Skin, Inc. Launches NaturaBase™ All Natural Skin Care Bases


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New Private Label Anti-Aging Skin Care Line

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new Anti-Aging Skin Care Line specializing in the treatment of advanced aging skin. Our focus for this ageless skin care line has been on specialty delivery methods of topical ingredients and specialized mixing technology for formulation dispersion. We are excited about the efficacy of these products in delivering a high potency of active compounds for our advanced aging skin care line.

Currently, the advanced aging skin care products are only available to the private label skin care industry for customers looking for line extension or to improve product performance for a new or existing product line. Private Label Skins packaging facility features a diverse range of packaging and labeling configurations which allow for the versatility to package and label for all major chain retail packaging requirements.

PLS has recruited a world-class development & production management team. Our development team includes former R&D staffers from Burts Bees, Revlon, and Aveda’s commercial development teams.... Our production management team was put together with product consistency & quality in mind.

PLS is in an acquisition mode right now. We are seeking strategic partners who can create synergistic relationships with us. For example, we're also interested in acquiring printing, and fulfillment companies who can provide complementary services to our already robust range of services. This means cash and capacity to take our companies to the next level.  We're stoked about our new product line. and we're moving properly to complete and fulfill all of our new orders. Despite this sudden growth, PLS is committed to remaining debt-free and focused on fundamentals such as building equity, earning trust from our customers and stakeholders, delivering superior products, and giving back to the community.  
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An Interview with William Oliver of

Go over to the Private Label Skin Facebook and you will find William Oliver's interview with Performance Marketing Inside TV. We wanted to share this video on our blog because it's a great overview of what we do here at Check out the video to watch Oliver give Performance Marketing Insider, Murray Newlands, the rundown on our products, order sizes, and skin care marketing. Will gives a great overview of how to be successful in the private label skin care industry and information about custom skin care manufacturing

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