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7 Secrets of Highly Effective Landing Pages

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Having a high performing landing page for your campaigns can mean the difference between having a successful business and a failure. In today’s market, with so many paid channels being the cornerstone of online business, it is important to have the best possible landing page that drives sales and conversions.

Knowing some tried and true secrets of effective landing pages can help you cut down on the time it takes to go through the learning curve, bringing you positive ROI faster than ever. Here are the 7 secrets to highly effective landing pages that can transform your campaigns:

  1. Focus Above the Fold – while designing websites to focus on above the fold content has become a thing of the past, it’s still a best practice in landing page optimization. Above the fold refers to having content like forms and CTA’s near the top of your landing page. The value of having your primary content above the fold is that the potential customer gets the message without having to scroll further to convert. There will be a subset of users that will bounce before scrolling and if your CTA is below the fold, those users can’t convert on your landing page.
  2. Clear CTA’s ­– your landing page has 1 clear goal in mind and your CTA’s are the method for getting users to complete that goal. Make sure your CTA’s are clear and direct, instructing the potential customer with the action you want to be completed. Your CTA’s should also be active and use words like “get,” “save,” “free,” and other phrases correlated with successful campaigns. Contrasting colors is another way to draw the users eyes to your CTA and make them extremely obvious. Helping your CTA stand out can greatly increase the conversion rate of CTA’s and drive your campaigns to new heights.
  3. Scarcity Sells – no one wants to feel as though they have missed an opportunity or a deal, it’s simply human nature. Adding copy to your page, near your CTA preferably, that communicates scarcity is a good way to create an urgency in the user and lead to conversion. Some of the best ways to accomplish this are to use phrases like “limited supply,” “only X left…,” or having a countdown clock near the CTA so that it seems the offer will be expiring soon.
  4. Your Offer is Key - when creating your landing page, make sure you are very clear on your offer and how the potential customer is supposed to react. Focus on what problem you are solving for them and the specifics of your offer. For example, if you are selling a moisturizer that is fighting the effects of aging, you should be communicating that message throughout the landing page. Making sure your customers know you are providing a solution to their problem is the only way your landing page will ever convert.
  5. Faces Build Trust – there have been a variety of studies, like this one from VWO, that prove having photos with actual people will help build initial trust in your brand. Having a real person smiling and looking happy about using your product makes potential customers subconsciously believe that they will also be happy with your product.
  6. Keep Forms Lean – there is a very thin margin between a form that gets enough information and one that is too long and kills conversions. When building landing page forms, make sure you are getting just the essential information. Fewer form fields on a landing page are highly correlated to higher conversions, so keeping these forms lean is usually a surefire way to increase conversions and boost ROI.
  7. Consistency is Key – when you are driving traffic from paid sources, it’s imperative that you keep your messaging consistent between your ad and landing page. If your potential customers feel there is a disconnect between the offer being presented in the ad and the landing pages, your conversion rates will surely pay the price. Customers, and humans in general want predictability and will be thrown off if that expectation is not met. Make sure that your landing pages for different campaigns are specific to those ads, don’t use generic pages that land on all your ads. Taking the extra time to coordinate your ad messaging to your landing pages messaging can make all the difference between a success and a failure.

Having a highly converting landing page is the way to drive revenue and ROI to your campaigns, without it, you are dead in the water. Taking the time to understand what has worked for other people is the best way to see positive ROI faster. Take some of these secrets and start testing them in your landing pages today and let us know if they increase your conversions!