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Large Demand in Skin Care Provides Opportunity for Entrepreneurs


The large demand for skin care products in the US is great news for the private label skin care industry, but the more demand there is the more competition there is bound to be. So as the skin care industry continues to grow, the question becomes how to make your products stand out. And we mean really stand out because with the prevalence of social media and online reviews it doesn't matter how great you say your product is, what matters is how well users say it works.

The first step in creating a product that stands up under online scrutiny is great ingredients. For instance, the three main ingredients in our Advanced Eye Treatment work together to smooth fine lines, fade dark circle, and tighten and firm the skin around the eye. What goes into our eye treatment that we can make such amazing promises?

Syn-Coll is a tripeptide with a unique sequence to mimic the body's own mechanism to produce collagen. Syn-Coll both boosts collagen production and provides collagen protection from degrading enzymes. The ultimate result of these two functions is a visible reduction in wrinkles and find lines around the eye.

Regu-Age- Consists of specially purified soy and rice peptides and yeast proteins. Regu-Age reduces dark circles and puffiness, strengthens connective tissue, and reduces inflammation around the eye.


How to Start Private Label Selling

Private labeling has become an integral part of all out lives, whether you realize it or not. Every single day, we are inundated with private label brands that we don’t even realize. Just think about the last time you walked through a grocery store. Nearly every product in the store has a private label equivalent, from chips to batteries. Many times, in grocery stores, there is a brand associated with the store itself that sells a similar version of the product at a lower price.

3 Skin Care Industry Trends to Capitalize on in 2017 & Beyond


The skin care industry has continually seen growth as the economy has recovered and the purchasing power of most Americans has risen. With the U.S. skin care industry predicted to reach $11 billion by 2018 by outlets like GCI Magazine, which covers the global cosmetics industry, it's no surprise that many entrepreneurs have been finding ways to capitalize on this opportunity.
One of the keys to success in this lucrative but competitive industry to be on the pulse of what is happening right now and making sure your line reflects what is hot in the market. Here at PLS, besides our comittment to leading the industry of private label skin care manufacturers, our main objective is to make sure our customers are successful and so we did extensive research to find what is trending now in the industry. Armed with these trends, you can continue to evolve with the market and supply the highest quality skin care products that the market is demanding.

Private Label Skin Named in List of Fastest-Growing Companies by Inc. 5000

We at PLS are delighted to announce that we've joined the ranks on the coveted Inc. 5000 list of the country’s fastest-growing private companies. Now in its 36th year, the Inc. 5000 list is composed of companies built with entrepreneurial leadership, and we are honored to have earned the spot of 281 on the overall list. We are also thrilled to come in at number 5 in the top manufacturing companies, number 18 in the top Florida companies category, and number 6 in the Tampa area.

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