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1-2-3 Step Wrinkle Free Face & Eye Care Line

Eliminate fine lines and wrinkles with this Wrinkle Free Face & Eye Care Line comprised of Ageless Eye Restoring Serum, Ageless Face Peptide Serum and Skin Brightening Treatment. In three easy steps, this line works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other visible signs of aging by delivering intense moisture, eliminating toxins and reducing areas of hyperpigmentation. The line includes:

Ageless Eye Restoring Serum

This serum has been designed specifically to combat dark circles and puffiness around the eyes which contribute to the visible signs of aging. Containing alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s) which minimize surface imperfections and Regu®-Age, a proprietary blend that improves circulation and eliminates the toxins that cause dark circles, the result is brighter, fresher looking skin.


Ageless Face Peptide Serum

The active constituent in this serum, Gatuline® In-Tense, causes collagen cells to contract thus creating the immediate appearance of firmer skin. Combined with Glucare® and Trylagen®, it stimulates the skin’s natural mechanisms of action to promote both short and long term benefits. The appearance of wrinkles is dramatically reduced resulting in a firm, youthful complexion.


Skin Brightening Treatment

This skin brightening treatment includes GigawhiteTM which works to inhibit the production of pigmentation in the skin without irritation and Alpha-Arbutin shown to lighten areas of darkened skin with one month’s continuous use. Fast-acting, it lightens and evens out the complexion with fresher, younger looking skin achieved in just two weeks.


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